Cavernous and orchestral.

You never know what to expect when you listen to a new Sloppy Jane song. Mastermind Haley Dahl and her band have no time for genre restrictions or expectations. They’ve done furious, intimidating punk, unnerving lullabies, and corroded indie flares. For their new song, “Party Anthem,” though, they’ve pulled another sharp left turn into a sweeping epic.

The track is built around swaying, near-classical strings, upbeat piano chords and a wonderful vocal performance from Dahl that mixes prowess with her idiosyncrasies, bringing to mind the art pop of Kate Bush. The tune, and album, was recorded Dahl and her 21 bandmates in the Lost World Caverns in West Virginia, adding to the vast, expansive sound. It’s a first taste of this latest iteration of Sloppy Jane, where no matter what styles they play or instrumentation they use, the band sounds like no one else.

“Party Anthem” will appear on their new album, Madison, out on Nov. 5 via Saddest Factory Records.