A vibrant track that blitzes through a motley of sounds.

Last year, Dublin five-piece Silverbacks released one of the best debuts of the year with Fad. The band stood out from the new crop of post-punkers by bringing a more percussive, Talking Heads style energy and variety to their music. With “Wear My Medals,” they show no signs of slowing down or repeating themselves.

With Emma Hanlon on lead vocals, the song veers from one mood to the next rapidly, like channel-surfing through their musical repertoire. From a grungy chord intro to spindly, taut notes following Hanlon’s melodies to a dreamy breakdown with a floating flute, the band proves that Fad was just the beginning. There are plenty of other ways they aim to stretch their sound, while keeping that delicate balance of strange, serene and shaken music.

“Wear My Medals” is out now.