Madi Diaz brings a cry of passion to this dusty, bluesy track.

Madi Diaz’s new song, “Woman in my Heart,” finds its strength in a vocal that expresses a deep loss. With a relationship crumbling, the singer/songwriter brings a mix of belted-out passion and wounded vulnerability to every note in the song. Starting near acapella, the music rises to meet her vocals, with electric desert guitars and rolling percussion. It’s a powerful statement that transforms her pain into a mountainous expression of catharsis.

As Diaz said about the tune, “This song came out in a sort of waking dream while I was actively learning how to part with someone. It was hard enough not to miss/hurt/hate/fight/fuck/feel/get over them, and, what was even harder, was the love we had felt more and more like a mystery and the pain was the only thing coming in clear.”

“Woman in my Heart” will appear on Diaz’s new album, History of a Feeling, out on Aug. 27.