A fuzzed-out ode of love and loyalty.

Even though Mackenzie Scott released her fourth album as TORRES last January, she’s returning this July with a brand new album, Thirstier, which looks to be an upbeat, grungy, rocked-out record of love and domestic bliss. You can hear all of those elements in “Hug From a Dinosaur,” a wonderfully weird title for a song about the dedication of romance. “Lord, girl, you’re the best of all possible worlds,” Scott sings to her finance, as her guitar shudders out heavy chords and sinewy synth lines, later declaring the joy she feels in this relationship as “ancient and eternal and surreal as a hug from a dinosaur.”

“To bring it back down to Earth, the song’s also about being ready to drop everything to do something essential for someone you love. In this instance, it’s bringing my girlfriend lunch so she can keep painting,” Scott said. It’s a simple, straightforward message that Scott amplifies with all the power of her devotion.

Thirstier drops on July 30 via Merge.