After establishing this season’s theme in last week’s season premiere, the Legends continue on their mission of catching the aliens that were released into the time stream so they can find the missing Captain Sara Lance, who just happened to accidentally release all the aliens into the time stream while trying to escape being kidnapped. The team heads to San Bernadino, Calif., in 1955 – right at the start of the American fast food craze. So, of course, they’re trying to prevent an alien from going on a meat binge and killing the entire town.

But this wouldn’t be an episode of Legends if everything went exactly as planned.

Nate, Behrad and Zari get jobs working at a super-popular burger joint in San Bernadino to keep an eye out for anything out of the ordinary, while Ava, John Constantine and new Legend Esperanza “Spooner” Cruz go to the owner’s home to investigate his wife’s “special sauce,” which has boosted the restaurant’s popularity and may, in fact, be the root of the upcoming massacre.

After an episode’s worth of shenanigans, Ava and the team find that the wife is taking the secretions of a cocooned alien and secretly using it as the restaurant’s secret sauce in order to save her marriage. But the secretions are causing everyone to have violent meat cravings and send everyone in town into a frenzy.

Throughout the episode, Behrad and Zari bicker over who gets to use the Totem that gives Behrad his powers. Stuck inside the Totem, the original Zari finally has enough and makes a duplicate Totem so they both get the powers it bestows. I wonder if we’re going to keep getting glimpses of the original Zari this season. That would be a neat wrinkle.

On the other side of the galaxy, Sara and Gary – who last episode was revealed to be an alien in disguise and the cause of Sara’s abduction – crash land on an alien planet and start to explore their new surroundings. Gary suspects this world is the home of the creature who tasked him and his alien fiancée Kayla – who Sara also sent into the time stream last week – with collecting all the beings who were on the alien ship. But the second episode is way too early to meet the season’s Big Bad.

Instead, the find famed pilot and legendary mystery Amelia Earhart in a cabin not too far from where they landed. Sara and Gary convince Earhart not to shoot them and before they all go back to the alien ship, the pilot convinces them to sit down and have a meal with her. But when Sara starts pressing Earhart for more information on where they are and how she came to be here, it becomes clear it’s not actually Amelia Earhart. Like I said, episode 2 is way too early to get that much information about what’s going on.

While I’m happy to have Legends back and see potential for where this season is going – Legends hasn’t really been disappointing since around the second season – it’s definitely not been the best start to the sixth season. Hopefully things pick up next week, where it seems like we’ll get a guest spot from Zari’s ex-boyfriend.