Move over Suicide Squad, it’s time for the Justice Squad to shine!

Future State: Suicide Squad 1
Written by Robbie Thompson and Jeremy Adams
Pencils by Javier Fernandez and Fernando Pasarin
Inks by Oclair Albert, Javier Fernandez and Jason Paz
Colors by Jeremy Cox and Alex Sinclair

As if some of these Future State stories haven’t been confusing enough, not only have we left the present day, but now we’re not even on the main DC Universe Earth! Although, if ever there was a world in need of a concept like the Suicide Squad, Earth-3 is probably the place.

Yes, the world of the evil Crime Syndicate – the twisted, malicious versions of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman – is the setting for this Future State story. Surprisingly, unlike the future of GOTHAM CITY, Earth-3’s destiny actually seems to be in good shape, thanks to Amanda Waller’s Justice Squad. The government bureaucrat has left her world and taken some criminals with her and dressed them up as the heroes of the Justice League to clean up a corner of the multiverse that is typically portrayed as under the despotic rule of the CSA. And the team is led by Superman’s clone, Conner Kent, as the Man of Steel.

While most of the Squad goes along with Waller’s rules, there’s always someone who can’t play well with others. Thankfully, here, it’s the Talon, who’s dressed up as Waller’s Batman. As someone who will always choose Superman over Batman, it’s nice to see a Bat get his comeuppance.

Yeah, that’s pretty gruesome.

The Future State Squad on Earth-3 is a pretty good idea, and with Waller keeping the CSA on ice as a back-up plan, there’s a good chance next month’s second issue is going to be pretty hectic. Throw in an actual Suicide Squad led by Peacemaker looking for Waller and you just know that chaos is on the horizon.

This is one of the rare FUTURE STATE stories that I kind of wish had more than 2 issues to explore the world and the story being told a little bit more. The Suicide Squad is a concept that can be a lot of fun – as proven by Jon Ostrander’s 1980s run on the book – but the modern takes tend to lose something, especially when a major character like Harley Quinn is on the team. You have to think that everyone on the Squad is expendable for it to work, and Harley just isn’t going to have her head blown off.

The back-up feature in the book takes us even further into the future, revisiting the Grant Morrison-created 853rd Century. The Seven Deadly Sins, augmented by Vandal Savage and other baddies, are determined to bring an end to the universe and not even Superman Prime, who spent centuries building up his power in the heart of the sun, can stop them.

Even in the far-flung future, Superman doesn’t get the respect he deserves.

Scared of what they have to face, the Justice Legion A turns to Black Adam for help. SHAZAM’s former champion has turned his beloved Khandaq into a paradise planet and has eschewed the magic he would need to defeat the Seven Deadly Sins. But when they attack his world, and discovers the Wonder Woman of the 853rd Century bears his child, he changes his tune.

Earlier this MONTH, I mentioned that I always love a story revisiting a Grant Morrison concept, but this one was, at best, mediocre. I guess there’s an exception to every rule…