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Now, on to some non-political mailbag questions to distract us from the day!

Did Hawkman vote for Trump? The Duck

Son of a… OK, well, I guess I should’ve expected that.

Hawkman is a pretty tricky guy to wrap your head around. Over the course of the character’s existence, he’s been an alien soldier, a reincarnated ancient Egyptian warrior, an avatar for the birds, a member of the Justice Society and a member of the Justice League. Hawkman’s comic book history is really all over the place.

The one thing that’s stayed the same over the years (at least since the 1970s or so) is that Hawkman – or, at least Carter Hall, the man behind the Hawk mask – is a Republican. He was frequently used as a foil for the very liberal Green Arrow, whose ideological battles would sometimes lead to actual fisticuffs.

Of course, sometimes they got along fine because they’re adults and are able to have conversations that don’t lead to fights, something we should all take note of sometimes.

More than just being a Republican, though, I think Hawkman just appreciates having a strong leader. When LEX LUTHOR was president in the early 2000s, Hawkman was one of the heroes President Luthor tasked with bringing in Superman and Batman, who were accused of causing a giant Kryptonian asteroid to hurtle towards Earth.

Carter Hall probably didn’t vote for Donald Trump in the 2016 Republican Primary, but he almost certainly did vote for Republican candidate Trump in the general election. I’m willing to bet he would have voted for President Trump’s re-election today, too, as long as we’re discussing Carter Hall, the American re-inarnated museum curator, we’re talking about and not Thanagarian soldier Katar Hol.