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Godfather, here’s another question….who would win in a fight, Daredevil or Green Arrow – Jose

The Emerald Archer against the Man Without Fear. The liberal loudmouth (sometimes former) billionaire vs. the blind lawyer.

While Daredevil has some enhanced senses to compensate for his lack of vision, a battle with Green Arrow seems pretty even – at least when you take into account their recent television portrayals. I’m not as familiar with Daredevil’s comics appearances, but Green Arrow never seems to make it through a story arc without something bad happening to him.

Daredevil may have the same issues, but I think the comic book version is the better overall fighter and the better overall tracker. I have no trouble believing that the comic book Daredevil gets the better of Green Arrow, but in the end the pair talk shop and go out on the town for some beer and five-alarm chili.

And then they get into a bar fight

When you look at the recent TV portrayals – on Netflix’s Daredevil and the CW’s Arrow – the battle is a lot more even. The Oliver Queen as portrayed by Stephen Amell is a lot closer to a comic book Batman than Green Arrow. He’s prepared for almost anything and has been trained to the pinnacle of human athleticism. Yes, he has some of the bad breaks of his comic book counterpart, but when it comes to fighting, there are very few people who are better.

Charlie Cox’s Matt Murdock may be just as stubborn as Amell’s Queen, but I don’t think he’s anywhere near the fighter of the former boy billionaire. He certainly doesn’t have the support system in the field that the Star City vigilante has. With Felicity in his ear, he has the ability to take advantage of any possible weaknesses Daredevil may have. Oliver also has Team Arrow lurking nearby, just in case, whereas Daredevil prefers to work alone.

Yes, Daredevil could call on the DEFENDERS to back him up if Spartan, Black Canary and Wild Dog start to get overwhelming, but Oliver does have the added advantage of being able to call on Team Flash and even Supergirl if need be. And regardless of how awesome Iron Fist, Luke Cage and Jessica Jones are (well, maybe just Cage and Jones…), they’re really no match for the ARROWVERSE‘s proto-Justice League.

They’d probably still end up going out for a beer and a bar fight afterwards, though.