There are only two guarantees when it comes to each Gorillaz project – a list of special guest artists and a kitchen sink sound that defies categorization. This year, the animated band is presenting Song Machine, a series of songs released on a semi-regular basis. Each one so far has felt completely distinct from the last, the type of jumping around that would be jarring on an album, but works wonderfully for a singles complication. The latest of these is the excellent groove of “Aries.”

The tune glides along an electronic rhythm smoothly, synths and touches of strings propelling the easy-going vocals forward. New Order’s Peter Hook brings forth a fantastically catchy bass line, making it the standout line instrument in a bevy of sounds. It’s a breezy, effortless, masterful piece of music from a group of veteran musicians having fun and letting their muses guide them.

“Aries” is out now.