“I didn’t know that I was capable of being happy right now, but you showed me how,” Faye Webster sings at the start of “In a Good Way.” It’s an opening line that draws you in immediately, with the emotion of her voice and the breeziest of backing tracks. But that’s what Webster does best – draws people in with a phrase, a guitar lick or an earworm rhythm. Trying on a bit of blue-eyed soul? That comes just as naturally to her.

“In a Good Way” has all the elements of a masterful ballad. There’s the beautiful string quartet, the touches of gently-plucked acoustic guitar, and of course, Webster’s passionate voice. It’s the latter that will stick with you the most. She brings forth an outpouring of emotion that leaves nothing behind, even though she barely raises the volume. It’s one of the smoothest and most touching songs you’ll likely hear all year.

“In a Good Way” is out now via Secretly Canadian.