It’s another rough week for comic book readers, comic book retailers and comic book publishers, as our regular funny books are still not being sent to stores and publishers are sheltering their digital versions in place for an extra four weeks.

That means that the regularly-scheduled comics from LAST WEEK won’t see a digital release until April 29. And the comics that were originally solicited for today won’t get a digital release until May 6. It’s going to be a really slow month for comic book fans looking for new material, as the ongoing coronavirus pandemic looks to keep everyone at bay for a little while longer.

But there are still some comics still seeing release. Comixology – which is where I buy my digital comics – had new releases on its site this morning as usual. New releases of small publishers’ digital comics and some collected editions from the bigger boys. All is not lost for people seeking new content. It’s just not what many of us are hoping for.

I decided against picking anything up this week, though. Sometimes, it’s not the worst idea to save some money for an even rainier day. Hopefully, next week we’ll have some more enticing options.