The battle for the future starts with a volcano’s eruption back in the mid-1980s.

Transformers vs. Terminator 1
Written by John Barber, David Mariotte and Tom Waltz
Art by Alex Milne

Of all the inter-company comic book crossovers produced over the years – and there have been a lot of them – I can’t believe it took so long to get one going between The Transformers and The Terminator. These are two big budget blockbuster properties that fit amazingly well together. If the first issue of the new miniseries from IDW and Dark Horse is any indication, it’s something that can be revisited over and over.

In a future world ravaged by war and practically decimated by Decepticons, a T-800 is sent back to the mid-1980s to stop the thing that eventually led to the war – the eruption of the volcano that reactivated the Transformers aboard the Arc!

The trip through time doesn’t go well, of course, as the T-800 arrives in Los Angeles too late to stop the eruption.

It’s a great tweak to the origin stories for both properties, bringing them into the same world. Of course, with a new world comes new designs for the Transformers – at least the Decepticons we see in the future, before the T-800 goes back in time. It’s always fun to see how different artists interpret these characters, and we’ll hopefully get the chance to see more in future issues.

But first, we’ll get to see some 1980s goodness as the T-800 comes into the contact with the early versions of the Decepticons he went into the past to stop. The next issue should be fun.