Synth-driven songs feel like they’re only hit or miss. Either they connect with a powerful melody or they fail to make much of an impact. For Bizou’s new track, “Crashing Sky,” the band handily falls into the former category, crafting a driving groove that’s endlessly listenable.

The L.A. group, which includes former members of Smashing Pumpkins, Light FM and Wax Idols, bring forth an 80s synth lines that weave along different paths as the song moves forward. Marisa Prietto’s vocals glide over the music wonderfully, building to an earworm chorus that’s made for singing along. The song conjures images of crowded, smoke-filled clubs where you can barely see in front of you, but you’re too busy dancing to care.

“Crashing Sky” will appear on the band’s new EP, Stilllifeburning, out on April 10.