Shouting for a positive moment.

2020. It’s hasn’t gone well so far! Three months into the new year and most of us are in self-imposed quarantine to stop the spread of coronavirus. Everything’s getting shut down and it’s unsure when life will return to normal. It makes you want to scream for any good news that will relieve the building anxiety. Control Top gets this sentiment across powerfully with the ferocious “One Good Day.”

While it’s still filled with punky energy, there’s less rage in this track than the songs from their fantastic debut, Covert Contracts. Instead, the band pushes against cynicism and finds hope in the work towards a better tomorrow, either on a personal, social or global level. “Just tell me something positive/ I don’t care if it’s cliché,” sings Ali Carter over slashing, aggressive riffs that nevertheless create a sense of uplift. It’s the type of song that reinforces resolve in these difficult times.

“One Good Day” is out now.