This song does what The Killers do best.

If nothing else can be said about The Killers, it’s that the band knows how to write some fantastic singles. Every time they announce a new album, the first time is almost always an instant classic that both re-establishes The Killers’ sound, but also introduces enough new elements to keep it fresh. “Caution” is no different, bringing the bombast and lift we love, but also tying a bit more New Wave and synth-work to the Springsteen vibes.

With a pummeling, quick-footed drumbeat, skyward synths and upbeat acoustic strumming and hooks for days, the band made an excellent bed of music to launch Brandon Flowers’ voice into the atmosphere. And he gives it one of the best vocal performances of his career so far, moving from speak-singing to full on belting, but never oversinging. And to top it all off? A blistering guitar solo courtesy of Lindsey Buckingham. The Killers have felt revitalized ever since they returned from hiatus a few years ago. “Caution” is another sign of a band back at full force.

The Killers’ sixth album, Imploding the Mirage, is out on May 29 via Island Records.