A song with enough energy to power a city.

There are some songs that make an instant impression on you, the type of tunes you just feel in your bones. It happens when the music and vocals are so kinetic that everything else falls away. “Riot” by Haru Nemuri is one of those songs. It’s an example of sheer power that gets your pulse quickening and alights all the right parts of your brain.

The song moves from spoken-word, heady verses that vibrate through a woozy, alien synth. Then the chorus explodes into power chords and needling riffs with the force of a meteor. Backing it all are pummeling, metal-style drums that drop out and in at unexpected moments. “Riot” stitches so many disparate sounds that it should never work on paper. But on your speakers? It’s fantastic.

“Riot” is on Nemuri’s new album, Lovetheism, out on March 20 via TO3S Records.