A superspy with a long history begins to realize he shouldn’t remember most of what he does.

Bang! 1
Written by Matt Kindt
Art by Wilfredo Torres

There’s this British superspy who has been around for decades, protecting Great Britain – and the rest of the world – from the threat of terrorism.

Obviously, writer Matt Kindt is provoking comparisons to James Bond, and he’s taking an often-discussed theory about the British superspy, that James Bond is not a name but a title given to the best spy the monarchy has. Instead of Bond, though, Kindt begins to relate a tale about Thomas Cord, a secret agent for secret agency MI-X, battling Golden Maze, a group trying to free the world from the confines of our earthly reality.

Readers are introduced to two versions of Cord here – one who gets his brains blown out by his one weakness, a woman – and another modern version tasked with finding an author who may have some insight into Golden Maze. But the author, Philip Verve, knows a bit more than that, including the history of Thomas Cord.

It’s a great concept and Kindt’s introduction to the story – along with beautiful art from Wilfredo Torres – has me excited to see where it goes.