A 90s throwback vibe that still sounds uniquely like Grimes.

If you were looking for songs that could be possibly the furthest away from Grimes’ general aesthetic, they would be “Wonderwall” or “Iris” by Goo Goo Dolls. But with the warm acoustic guitar of “Delete Forever,” she’s shown once again that she has no interest in limitations for her music. As the track moves forward, the smoothly strummed chords blend with a great beat, some background synths, plucked banjos and touches of mournful violins. It’s a wonderful mix of ideas that creates something endlessly appealing.

The bright sounds offer act as an excellent counter to Grimes’ dark lyrics on the opioid epidemic. “Cannot comprehend, lost so many men/Lately, all their ghosts turn into reasons and excuses,” she sings, sad and frustrated at all this death and the lack of solutions. It’s the most powerful song she’s released so far in this album cycle. Even if you don’t like her other work, this tune is worth a listen.

“Delete Forever” is on Grimes’ new album, Miss Anthropocene. It drops on Feb. 21, 2010.