A sunny-sounding tune about finding your way through dark clouds.

It’s so easy sometimes for a bad mood to spiral out of control. Anger, self-doubt or shame can lock itself into a feedback loop in your mind. That’s why it’s vital to keep working to shake out of it through self-betterment, but also leave room for forgiveness when you stumble. That’s what Waxahatchee’s wonderful new song, “Lilacs,” says beautifully, with warm vibes balancing the cutting lyrics.

As Katie Crutchfield sings about those negative moments that fester, her twangy guitar repeats a circular riff, reflecting the corkscrew of negativity drilling into her mind. But when the chorus hits, her guitar breaks into powerful chords as she sings, “If I’m a broken record, run it in the dust babe/I’ll fill myself back up like I used to do.” It’s a beautiful moment of hope and light breaking through the darkness.

“Lilacs” will appear on Waxahatchee’s new album, Saint Cloud, out on March 27 via Merge Records.