Edgy post-punk to begin the new year.

We’re four days into 2020 and we have stuff like #WWIII trending on Twitter. With the world remaining a stressful, agitated place, you might as well lean into it with some anxious, but catchy tunes. “Digging in the Desert” by the Vancouver-based lié scratches that itch perfectly, bringing noisy, angular chords that you should play loud.

With a pissed-off, snarling delivery, the vocals are a bitter kiss-off to a failed relationship, with time wasted on both sides: “I’m not blameless/I got an appetite/Will you feed it/It’s not enough baby.” If you’re looking for an up-and-coming band that will get you headbanging and help you burn through your anxiety, check out lié.

The band’s new album, You Want It Real, is out on Feb. 28.