Just a couple of years ago, Celeste was fired from her job for skipping work to go to the studio. Fast-forward to today and the phenomenal up-and-coming artist won the BBC Sound of 2020, an award for those about to make their big breakthrough. That puts her in the company of the likes of Adele, Vampire Weekend, Anna Calvi, Stormzy and Billie Eilish. After one listen to “Stop This Flame,” you’ll know why Celeste more than earned that recognition.

Opening with a kinetic jazz piano, Celeste’s voice smoothly glides over the keys, gentle and controlled. But when the chorus hits, she belts out each word with stunning power, control and passion. Buoyed by a great backing beat, she sings about her devotion to a relationship. “I think you’re scared of keeping somebody close/You’ll never stop this flame, I will never let you go,” she sings out wonderfully. We’re not even two weeks into January, but it already feels like Celeste is locked in as one of the artists of the year.

“Stop This Flame” is out now.