The heroes face a momentous decision with the impending arrival of the Anti-God.

Black Hammer: Age of Doom 12
Written by Jeff Lemire
Pencils and Inks by Dean Ormston
Colors by Dave Stewart

Reality has been rewritten, but once again, the heroes who had been stuck on the farm manage to fight through the illusion of their new lives to see the coming threat of the Anti-God, the creature who caused them to be expelled from their reality in the first place.

A confrontation between the heroes and the Anti-God was inevitable, right? Abraham Slam gathered his teammates for the ultimate battle to save the world and all they had to do as the issue opens was get Madame Dragonfly to remember who she is before the big fight. But she knew what was happening all along.

The finale to the BLACK HAMMER epic has taken any number of twists and turns, so of course the final issue would shy away from a big confrontation. Instead of taking the fight to the coming Anti-God, the heroes decide on the easiest road to peace and safety in the world.

Slam, Golden Gail, Barbalien, Talky Walky and Col. Weird, along with Gail’s boyfriend Sherlock Frankenstein agree to leave their reality again and Dragonfly agrees to transport them back to the farm – with some adjustments – to keep everyone safe.

It’s a great ending to the story that Jeff Lemire was telling, taking a potentially epic war and turning into a small-scale story about the relationships between a group of heroes. Lemire created a brand new universe with the Black Hammer Farm group, and now he’s allowed them a chance to retire in peace while the universe continues to expand.