The investigation takes a bit of a break while Lois has to deal with her husband. And there are more than one Questions.

Lois Lane 3
Written by Greg Rucka
Pencils and Inks by Mike Perkins
Colors by Paul Mounts

Being married can be tough for normal people, but when one person in the marriage is a world-famous journalist and the other is also a world-famous journalist who also happens to be the world’s best-known hero, it likely adds a few levels of complications to the relationship.

Add in the fact that world-famous journalist Lois Lane is being accused of cheating on her husband Clark Kent with his secret identity of Superman and it becomes a pretty impressive media circus. When Superman decides to make a show of protecting Lois when he hears her get attacked, you have to wonder what happened to those super-smarts he’s supposed to have. It doesn’t escape Lane’s notice that her husband just made their particular situation that much worse with her rescue, though it takes Clark a little bit longer to get there.

I’m enjoying the exploration of Lois and Clark’s marriage that writer Brian Michael Bendis kicked off when he had Lois leave Metropolis in an issue of ACTION COMICS. While their relationship seems to be struggling to the outside world – especially with rumors of infidelity – the couple seems to be as strong as they can be when shown together in their private moments. That doesn’t mean they don’t argue. Every couple does from time to time. But they are willing to talk things through to make the relationship work. Their marriage feels real to me as I read it, and it makes me appreciate them as characters even more.

While Lois is off dealing with her husband, Rene Montoya goes off on her own, snooping around the luxury hotel where Lois is staying and ends up getting into a battle with someone else who wears a mask that makes it look like they have no face.

Turns out it’s Charlie, the original Question, who Rene thought was dead. It sounds like someone in this crew needs to find a guy named Answers, so we can all figure out what’s happening. Joking aside, having more Question in comics, especially coming from Greg Rucka, is a great thing, much like this book.

I’m looking forward to seeing where Rucka takes it.