The best investigative journalist in the DC Universe is on the chase of a story, and we get to follow her.

Lois Lane 1
Written by Greg Rucka
Pencils and Inks by Mike Perkins
Colors by Hi-Fi and Paul Mounts

It’s been a long time since the Superman family had this kind of focus in comic books. Sometimes it seems like everyone in Gotham has their own comic book, while Big Blue’s four-color family are sequestered into the two Superman books.

Thankfully, with Brian Bendis’ focus on the Man of Steel, and the build up to some major LEVIATHAN goings on in ACTION COMICS, it seems as though it’s time to put a spotlight on Metropolis.

I’ve wanted a focused Lois Lane comic for a while now, following the DCU’s best investigative journalist on a big story and watching her get out of trouble. Lois is one of the best supporting characters in comics and there’s so much potential for amazing stories with her.

The first issue of this 12-issue limited series from Greg Rucka is great introduction to Lois Lane’s world. Her fervor for the truth is as strong as her spelling skills are bad.

But Lois isn’t on this journey alone. Much like her husband has the members of the Justice League to fall back on when he needs help, it seems as though Lois has cultivated her own super-powered allies to help her track down information. In the first issue, she relies on The Question to help her get her hands on some files.

While Bendis has used Vic Sage in Action Comics, Rucka relies on one of his own creations – the Renee Montoya version – to help Lois. If Lane keeps adding to her roster of friends, she could have her own super-version of the Birds of Prey, with her serving as the Oracle.

I’m still not sure I’m sold on the new status quo between Clark and Lois, especially with the thread of the photo of Lois kissing Superman being released to the world, but the new Super-team of writers are making it pretty clear that they’re still a team, just working on their own for a bit.

Rucka has a good thing going with this new Lois Lane series. Hopefully, we’ll see more of an ongoing announced after the limited series ends.