Natasha Khan returns with an ode to growing up in the 80s.

Natasha Kahn’s new album as Bat For Lashes, Lost Girls, is described as an “album for driving in the dark; holding hands at sunset; jumping off bridges with vampires; riding your bike across the moon.” It’s a record for the twilight hours, watching the sun go down over 1980s Los Angeles. That vibe comes across instantly on the first single, “Kids In The Dark.”

With a synth that sounds like a poppier, brighter take on the Stranger Things score, the song washes over you completely, an atmosphere you can float away on. Khan looks at the dedication and love between two people. “Lying next to you/And I wanna live for two/I tell you I’m never leaving/Cause you’re always on my mind,” she sings beautifully. It’s a song that both feels like a homage to Generation X but also has a modern touch.

Lost Girls is out on Sept. 9.