Looking behind a camera’s flash.

“Flash” by Washington D.C. band Gauche has a little bit of everything. It runs right out of the gate with the type of fun rhythm that will get your body moving. Electric guitar lines poke through like thin needles. And Daniele Yandel moves her vocals from a serene echo to punctuating shouts. It’s a little Talking Heads, a little Sleater-Kinney, a little Priests, but all Gauche.

The song might sound like it’s just about the flash of a camera, but digs deeper into that concept. As Yandel said about the track, “You can’t cheat time. That’s what a flash is: a way of cheating time and vision…it cheapens the experience. It distorts the depth and detail of the scene captured. It is the shadows, the edges, the things that block and obscure our view, that show us the most.”

Gauche’s debut album, A People’s History Of Gauche, is out on July 12.