Previously on SUPERGIRL

Things are not looking good for our heroes, as Lex Luthor’s master plan to create chaos seems to be going smoothly.

Sister Lena and Kara travel to Kaznia to find out what Lex is planning, only to encounter MISS TESSMACHERS! Yes, you read that right, multiple versions of Lena’s former assistant who betrayed Lena for the (probably out of reach) love of lex. MISS TESSMACHER! tries to kill both Lena and Kara as they find Lex’s hidden files detailing his plans to arm Kaznia to the teeth in order to attack America.

While investigating Lex’s compound, Kara realizes that Lex knows her secret identity and, before she flees, she burns a room full of photos of Kara. After all, Lex does have a clone of Kara, so he was bound to put two and two together, considering he’s one of the smartest sociopaths in the world. His sister, on the other hand, is also very smart, but not smart enough to see the secret staring her right in the face, even after Kara uses her superpowers to land Lena’s plane in Kaznia after a purple lightning storm (Did NORA WEST-ALLEN cross over into Supergirl’s Earth? Did I miss something?).

After they defeat MISS TESSMACHER and her evil copies, Kara considers telling Lena that she is, in fact, Supergirl, but Lena’s lamentations about being lied to by her former assistant and her problems with trust back Kara down.

It’s going to be so much worse once Lena actually figures everything out.

Back in National City, Alex confides in James Olsen’s sister Kelly about her impending motherhood through adoption, and Kelly confides in Alex that she, too, is gay. The two women bond over wine and sad stories. At the last minute, the birth mother who was about to give up her kid decides to keep the child, leaving Alex in the lurch.

More menacingly, Ben Lockwood takes over command of the DEO while Lt. Haley is in Washington trying to restrict his access (She likely won’t be successful… more on that later) in order to find the alien who killed his wife, after he had her husband captured and arrested. After Lockwood finds the killer, he also orders all the other aliens she was with arrested for harboring a fugitive.

Technically, there was nothing wrong with what Lockwood did. The alien did, in fact, commit murder. Even if it was an act of political protest, it’s not a good look. And the others were harboring a fugitive. Secretary Lockwood was, in fact, following the laws, but he’s such a dick about everything he’s doing, even his son is starting to turn against him.

Brainiac 5 tries to push back against Lockwood’s attempts to take over the DEO, but is never able to actually thwart Lockwood. He’s finally joined by James Olsen, Dreamer and Martian Manhunter in an attempt to put Lockwood down, but the former Agent Liberty takes a shot of the Harun-El and gets superpowers. It’s a good thing, too, because when J’onn J’onnz tosses him into that tanker, it blows the hell up. There’s no way he would have survived otherwise.

Finally, Kara takes the information she and Lena obtained from Lex’s bunker to the president, to warn him of Lex’s plans. The president puts the information in a drawer and has Kara captured, because he’s in league with the bad guys.

Because of course he is.

So now we have Lex and Ben Lockwood with superpowers from the Harun-El, the president is working with Luthor and Supergirl is a secret prisoner of the United States government. I almost prefer living in my world that on this Earth. Almost.