When new Legend Mona freaks out about the works of her favorite author disappearing, it’s up to the team to figure out what’s going on and, once again, save history. Of course, Mona’s favorite author is Jane Austen, because she’s a walking cliché. That’s not an insult, by the way; it works so well for her character, this somewhat one dimensional girl who believes in falling in love and looks at everything with rose-colored glasses. OF COURSE Jane Austen is her favorite author. Who else could it be?

So the ladies head to England in 1809 to set things straight and make sure that Austen gets her timeless stories written down on paper. Because this is a mission for the Legends, things get a little hinky. The world around Austen is going to hell and everyone is hooking up with everyone else and romance seems to have been replaced by passion. And it’s all the cause of a Hindi god of love.

Kamedeva – also known as Sanjay – becomes enamored with Zari, who’s having her own romantic entanglements with Nate Heywood, who she is pretending to date because it made his mother happy. But she’s also falling for Nate, who is also falling for Zari and neither want to admit that it’s happening because having open and honest communication would leave us without a story to enjoy.

Maybe this whole story arc is a bit of Jane Austen homage.

Despite the obvious feelings between Nate and Zari, Sara and Charlie encourage Zari to go a little buck wild before anything happens with Nate and I get a bit of a pain in my occipital lobe remembering the ridiculous actions of young people falling in lust. I’m honestly glad I’m not in my 20s anymore. Zari eventually gives in to Kamedeva and the whole episode goes from an Austen novel to something else entirely.

Yes, the Legends episode turns into a Bollywood musical, complete with a song from the group. It’s such an odd turn that it works seamlessly with the rest of the craziness that the series has experienced.

While the women are off in 1809 England, the guys are dealing with the aftereffects of Hank Heywood’s death at the hands of the demon Neron. Nate is battling his feelings for his dad with a eulogy that is in no way appropriate to honor his father as Mick eggs him on. Ray is conflicted because he has feelings for Nora Darhk, who Nate believes kills his dad (because Ray really does fit better in an Austen novel). And Constantine is there to sense Hank’s ghost, which eventually leads to Nate having some closure on what was going on with his dad.

All in all, it was a fun episode that gives us a clear idea of the bad guy the Legends will be facing down later this season. Constantine realizes he can’t take Neron down on his own. He hasn’t realized he has a team he can rely on yet, but that should come soon.