A raging, rumbling environmental anthem.

It’s notoriously difficult to write about environmental issues without coming across as preachy. So many artists either stumble in being too lecture-esque or in covering the message in metaphors that could go over too many heads. AURORA’s new single, “The Seed,” instead opts for a direct, furious lyric on the consequences of humanity’s destructive actions.

The song moves from a deep electronic backing track that hums, then slowly builds and builds until it erupts in a thunderous chorus. With the sounds of an angry Earth behind her, she sings, “When the last tree has fallen/And the rivers are poisoned/You cannot eat money.” It serves as a wake-up call and a slap in the face. You can’t get much more direct or effective than that.

“The Seed” will appear on AURORA’s new album, A Different Kind of Human (Step II), due out on June 7th.