A string-swept, foreboding nighttime song.

Hard to believe it’s been six years since Sky Ferreira released her debut album. Since 2013, it’s been relatively quiet on the music front for the smoky, electropop artist. She turned her attention towards acting roles for a bit, slowly working on her follow-up record. Now, we have the first taste in “Downhill Lullaby.”

While her first album was called Night Time, My Time, that title is just as apt for this tune. The track sounds like the darkest parts of Depeche Mode, Nick Cave and Trent Reznor’s score work combined, a lumbering 80s beat with cutting, haunted strings. Ferreira’s voice is troubled, afflicted and drowning beneath the music. It’s ominous but also endlessly enticing. She’s said that her new, TBD album will be titled Masochism. With “Downhill Lullaby,” that makes perfect sense – there’s pleasure to be found in the song’s pain.

“Downhill Lullaby” is available now.