One of the most explosive bands you’ll hear all year.

Otoboke Beaver is one of those groups whose music is pure fury and chaos. The four-piece from Kyoto plays blistering, maniacal punk that sounds like it’s decibels away from blowing out your speakers. They’re awesome. On “datsu, hikage no onna,” the band blitzes you with a drilling, frantic surf-punk riff, while singer Accorinrin sings in a mix of English and Japanese, repeating “I hate you” in the verses. And this is the lightest song they’ve released in this album cycle so far!

The band’s intensity and rage isn’t limited to its instruments. They direct their fire towards unjust, patriarchal systems. On the song, Accorinrin said, “The message of this song is lamenting the oppression of being a woman in the shadows, and about getting out from this suffering.”

Otoboke Beaver’s new album, Iketoma Hits, is out on April 26 via Damnably.