The sound of nature, both human and worldly.

The first noise you hear in “White Tail” is the chirping of crickets, alongside a high-pitched beat. That rhythm builds into a head-nodding, brushed groove. It’s a great setting for Heather Woods Broderick to craft her sparse, intricate guitar patterns and let loose some feathery harmonies. To add to the natural atmosphere, a beautiful violin sweeps in like the wind, and keyboard notes fall like raindrops on a lake.

“White Tail” comes across as serene, but that masks Broderick’s experiences with depression. What may seem light and peaceful could easily transform into smothering. Written on the same Oregon coast that Broderick spent summers as a child, “White Tail,” and its album, Invitation, use that beautiful, wild landscape to dive into the dark clouds of human nature.

Invitation will be available on April 19, via Western Vinyl.