Previously on THE FLASH

Last week, I said I was worried that the the resolution of Nora’s secret plotting with Eobard Thawne in 2049 would be disappointing. We’re not there yet, but the end of this episode has given me hope for some fireworks when the truth finally comes out.

Other than the final scene with Team Flash finding out what Nora has been doing since she first came to her past during the CRISIS ON EARTH X, the rest of the episode was rather pedestrian. Not that it was bad. Standard FLASH fare is usually a good episode.

The new Cicada – now revealed to be future Grace, Orlin Dwyer’s niece – has come back to end the scourge of metahumans before they get out of control and wants to work with her uncle to do it. The problem there is that Orlin has had a change of heart and wants to move on from that life of hatred. Before he can tell Grace that, though, she makes a point of going after the meta responsible for the death of her parents.

But the woman who caused their deaths didn’t do it on purpose. She got hit with her powers out of nowhere and had no idea that what she did caused the death of two innocent people. Even Orlin tries to tell her that it was a complete accident, but Grace is filled with hatred and a desire for vengeance. She has no intention of forgiving this random mother – Grace wants to kill her.

Team Flash spends the episode trying to protect the woman, first at her daughter’s birthday party, where she uses her powers to temporarily knock Grace out. Later, though, at the hospital, Grace comes and threatens her husband. Finally, Orlin makes a final plea to his niece to try and get her to let go of her anger. In response, Grace kills him with his own dagger and flies off.

It’s a shame that Chris Klein’s character was killed off, because this was probably his best episode. He got to show some actual emotion here, instead of just over-the-top anger and heavy breathing.

And while the killing of Dwyer is a pretty big development, it’s the final minutes of the episode that provide the most drama. After Thawne told Nora to tell her father everything, because whatever plot he was working was unravelling because of Grace, she debated what she should do. When she finally gets called out by Cecile’s telepathic abilities, Sherloque Wells reveals everything. In response, Barry takes her and throws her in the secret STAR Labs prison, which has now officially housed every meta on the team.

What we still don’t know, though, is why Thawne had Nora coming back to the past and changing things to defeat Cicada. We’ll likely get more info in the next episode, but we’re gonna have to wait until April 16 for that!

If only we could all just go faster to get to it!