Self-love with a side of sax!

We live in a work-based society that at times can feel never-ending. Some of that comes from pressure we put on ourselves. We go to our jobs, stay there late, then come home and work on other projects. Then when we don’t achieve all that we want by yesterday, we berate ourselves for not doing more. On her new song, Alex Lahey has a response: “Don’t Be so Hard on Yourself.”

“You haven’t had a day off in weeks/Your voice is shaking when you speak/It might not be my place to help/But don’t be so hard on yourself,” she sings. Her ode to self-care and self-love is a driving rock tune with an uplifting chorus. Coolest of all, it features a searing sax solo played by Lahey herself. You can’t help but smile when listening to it. So next time you feel stressed out, throw on this track, jump around your room and take its message to heart.

“Don’t Be so Hard on Yourself” will appear on Lahey’s new album, The Best of Luck Club, out on May 17th.