A powerful, beautiful and inspirational song.

Lady Lamb excels at finding the unexpected path to a core, emotional moment. Her songs stand out for their lyrical and musical twists that end in a soulful declaration. She’s done this expertly over the course of three major releases thus far. But “Deep Love” is her most moving track yet.

Over an acoustic guitar, she sings about embracing love around her, whether it’s looking at a faded photo of her mother, untangling her girlfriend’s hair or seeing her neighbor embrace his dogs. “Passin’ by a pure scene in somebody else’s life gives my life meanin’/Passin’ through a good scene in somebody else’s life fills my cup,” she sings, right before a key change to a chorus that will put a smile on your face and tears in your eyes.

“Deep Love” is about finding something stronger than cynicism, hopelessness or apathy. As she said herself, “Love goes deeper than any nihilism, any fixation on the past, or stress of the present or future. Let your own love and gratitude fill you up, then let it pour out of you – let it be messy and sloppy – just let it reach out as far as it can.”

“Deep Love” is on Even in the Tremor, to be released on April 5, 2019.