No one sounds quite like Foals.

It’s difficult these days to have your own, original sound. And yet, five albums in, Foals managed not only to cultivate their own signature style, but evolve it from record to record. A key part of what makes Foals stand out is how they make warped, arty rockers that also makes you want to dance. “On The Luna” continues that groovy streak in the vein of “Snake Oil” and “My Number” off past albums.

Surprisingly, it’s not the percussion that propels the song as much as it’s the mixture of scratchy chords, slippery bass and an alien synth line. Over this funky instrumentation, Yannis Philippakis sings about the chaos of the world today, repeating “We had it all, but we didn’t stop to think about it.” Dancing to shake off political and social stress? That’s something Foals excels in.

“On The Luna” will be on Foals’ new album, Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost – Part 1, due out on March 8.