Young Justice 2

The focus of the YOUNG JUSTICE revival turns to Wonder Girl as the battle on Gemworld rages on.

Young Justice 2
Written by Brian Michael Bendis
Pencils by Patrick Gleason and Emanuela Lupacchino
Inks by Patrick Gleason and Ray McCarthy
Colors by Alejandro Sanchez

As the various houses of power on Gemworld prepare for war – and the potential murder of Princess Amethyst – the members of the new Young Justice try and figure out where they are and what they’re doing. And I’m sure the stuff on Gemworld will become more interesting. At least, surely there will be more focus on it in future issues. But for right now, the real story of YOUNG JUSTICE‘s second issue is the flashback to a few days prior.

Since it’s been a while since we’ve seen Cassie Sandsmark – Wonder Girl – acting as a hero, Brian Bendis gives us a refresher course on her background. Cassie is flying over a school where she sees tyrannical intergalactic despot Despero and knocks him the hell out.

Considering Despero has given the Justice League fits, Wonder Girl taking him down is a pretty big deal. But this isn’t the first time Young Justice members have taken down Despero, either, as the young team had to figure out a way to neutralize him in one of their earliest adventures. This was a nice little callback to that, but it’s mainly used as a set-up to give some background on Cassie, who’s being watched by her grandfather, the almighty Zeus.

Zeus was, in Wonder Girl’s pre-Flashpoint origin, Cassie’s father. The origin was altered in the New 52 to make Zeus her grandfather, so it seems we’re following that continuity here. Hopefully it’s not the same for Superboy and Impulse, because they’re New 52 versions were hot garbage. Wonder Girl wasn’t much better, honestly, but I think she got a better deal than they did.

Speaking of Superboy and Impulse, they’re nowhere to be seen this issue. Bendis is building the anticipation for the reunion, I guess.

I really enjoyed the FIRST ISSUE of the new series. It got me excited for the return of some of my favorite characters. But I have a little bit of trepidation about the whole thing now. The New 52 connection just really left a bad taste in my mouth, but I’m still intrigued about where this is all headed.