Previously on THE FLASH

I had so much trouble getting into this episode. It was by no means bad. I’d say it was a fairly average-to-above-average episode with a few fun moments. But after a month-long break – and coming off an amazing tease for next year’s crossover – I’m kind of looking beyond this season into what they end up doing next year.

That’s the danger of throwing out that tease for next year’s CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS event at the end of the ELSEWORLDS crossover last month. It’s such a massive thing that, even with just a logo, I’m completely enthralled by what may come. And the ARROWVERSE is going to have to work a little bit harder for the rest of this season to distract me from that.

Our first jaunt back to Central City after the crossover picks up after season’s eighth episode – the one before the crossover – with Nora talking to Eobard Thawne, one that still looks like Harrison Wells, in the future. Nora is feeling betrayed by Thawne, once she discovered that Thawne is the one who killed her grandmother. But the villain is seeking a level of redemption before his time is up, and wants Nora to help him.

The trust issues bleed over to her time in the present. With Barry forced to sit out the adventure in the power dampening cell thanks to the Silver Ghost causing him to phase permanently, Nora takes point on trying to catch the Ghost, who has broken Weather Witch out of jail. The WITCH, on trial and being prosecuted by Cecile in her first case back from maternity leave, admits to being evil and accepts the punishment of the court, even though Cecile is trying to go easy on her.

Nora, however, can’t see the Witch’s desire to reform and basically pushes her into a partnership with the Silver Ghost. Thankfully Barry, from his cell, manages to convince Nora that they need to see the potential for good in people. Despite her attempt to reach out to the Weather Witch, she escapes with the Ghost, but the Witch at least ensure Nora didn’t get too hurt.

Meanwhile, Sherloque Wells is further investigating the weird symbols Nora was using in her journal, which will no doubt lead him to her connection with Thawne and force the emotional push of the season’s second half. I’m intrigued by where that part is going.

Caitlin and Cisco, on the other hand, make a discovery after healing Cisco’s hands and leads Cisco to postulate that he can cure people’s metahuman situations. The pair argues over the implementation, but finally agree that they can give metas a choice of giving up their powers. I couldn’t understand why that wasn’t immediately agreed upon, other than to give the episode another minor conflict. It felt a bit unnecessary.

Show Notes

  • While Barry is in the dampener cell, Sherloque gives him a copy of Mick Rory’s book, which the Legends dropped off. Barry seemed to be getting into it.
  • Speaking of Barry in the cell, Grant Gustin wasn’t featured heavily in this episode because it was apparently being filmed at the same time as the ELSEWORLDS crossover.
  • Jesse L. Martin, who plays Joe West, was also written out of the episode and was said to be visiting Wally with his new baby because Martin was having some health issues preventing him from fulfilling his duties.