Jon Kent is back from space and he has a hell of a story to tell his parents about why he’s aged seven years.

Superman 7
Written by Brian Michael Bendis
Pencils by Ivan Reis and Brandon Peterson
Inks by Joe Prado and Brandon Peterson
Colors by Alex Sinclair

In the third week of comic book releases of 2019, Brian Michael Bendis has managed to bring back his second version of Superboy. Last week, in YOUNG JUSTICE, we got our first glimpse at Kon-El in a number of years. And now, months after he left on a SPACE VACATION with his grandfather Jor-El, Jon Kent is back on Earth. But things are never quite that simple for the House of El.

In the three weeks that Superman has perceived that his son has been gone, Jon spent seven years out in space. And from the start of the story he was telling to his parents, it wasn’t the kind of trip that his grandfather promised when they set out on their journey.

This issue raises so many questions, especially when you hold it in connection with the “in-continuity” return of Kon-El last week. But we’ll set the other Superboy aside for right now. And probably for a few more months, until Bendis decides we NEED to have the first face-to-face meeting between the two. It’s a tough thing to do, and it will be something I’ll be looking forward to, but put it aside I will.

Because the return of a 17-year-old Jon Kent, who left the Earth at just 10 years old three weeks ago is interesting enough on its own. Especially when Jon lays this bombshell on his parents.

And by bombshell, I mean “duh.” I think they made that pretty clear in the lead-up to ACTION COMICS 1000 last year. But the story will go on, and we’ll see just how insane Jor-El actually is. This is one of those times where I’m going to end up getting annoyed at story decompression and dragging things out, but mostly I’m just annoyed that I can’t read the next chapter right away. Jon’s first issue back is a great start and I really want more.

I guess I’m just going to have to wait. Hopefully, the payoff is worth it.