Comics are the gift that keep on giving – every Wednesday, without fail! 

Two big debuts are catching my attention this week, with the first issue of Geoff Johns’ new SHAZAM comic, the first new in-continuity SHAZAM! book in a long time. In fact, the last time he had his own comic book, he was still allowed to call himself Captain Marvel! No, not THAT one! The second debut is PRODIGY, a new book from Mark Millar. 

Also be on the lookout for the latest issue of DOOMSDAY CLOCK (two Geoff Johns books in one week!) and the second issue of Grant Morrison’s THE GREEN LANTERN

For a complete list of this week’s releases, remember to check out the Previews website. I’m purchasing all my books digitally through Comixology, but if you want to find your local comic shop, click here.

Let’s take a look at what I’m getting this week: 

DC Comics 
Batman 60
Doomsday Clock 8
The Dreaming 4
Green Arrow 47
The Green Lantern 2
Justice League 13
Nightwing 54

Image Comics 
Prodigy 1 

It’s gonna be a good week for comic books! What are you reading this week? Let us know in the comments!