A masterfully crafted song for the upcoming Suspiria remake.

When it was announced that Thom Yorke would helm the creation of an original score for the upcoming horror film, comparisons were naturally made with the original 1977 film’s music. Those pieces, created by progressive rock band Goblin, matched the eerie, uncomfortable tones put onscreen. Yorke is no stranger to creating creepy musical moments (“Climbing Up The Walls” anyone?) But as per usual, he’s subverted expectations with the utterly gorgeous “Suspirium.”

The song is elegantly crafted around a beautiful, hypnotic piano melody. The notes serenely glide with all the grace of the dancers in the film. In a fragile voice, Yorke sings, “All is well, as long as we keep spinning/Here and now, dancing behind a wall.” This piece could easily be used in an enrapturing modern dance performance. Even further elevating the track is a light touch of flute, recalling Radiohead’s “Daydreaming.” While his bandmate Jonny Greenwood had one of the best scores of last year, all signs point to Yorke’s Suspiria soundtrack becoming as legendary as the original.

It’s out on Oct. 26 via XL.