An insane, genre-busting rush to kick off September!

There are few artists out there who utterly destroy the concept of music genres like Haru Nemuri does on “Kick In The World.” Like Grimes, Janelle Monae and St. Vincent, the Japanese artist takes her likes and influences and melds them together into an energetic, ear-bending piece of revelry. Her new song is one of the most stellar examples of her outside-the-box songwriting.

“Kick In The World” begins with a synth-heavy line as Nemuri blazes through verses at a rapid clip. You’d think it was a typical J-pop song. But then, 30 seconds in, the full force of a heavy, distorted rock band kicks in, as she screams out the title. It’s the type of pulse-pounding intensity that will make you feel like you could kick in the world. And it only builds in power from there!

“Kick In The World” can be found on Nemuri’s newly-released EP of the same title, which features several wildly different takes on the same song.