The folk artist weaves a mesmerizing spell with her latest tune.

It’s astounding how much you can still do with just an acoustic guitar. While Adrianne Lenker’s band, Big Thief, are heavily based in folk roots, she generates just as much power with just her own voice and guitar. On “Symbol,” she picks out a lovely melody on her acoustic guitar, the type of arpeggio that you can just hone in on and dedicate your focus towards. There are some atmospheric touches around the instrument, but it’s mainly her voice and her guitar.

With an airy vocal performance, Lenker sings gracefully about the joy she finds in another’s company. As she says, “Do you not do you not tell/That smile always makes me well.” It’s a charming, warm sentiment that matches well with the laid-back nature of the song.

“Symbol” can be found on abysskiss, out on Oct. 5 via Saddle Creek.