In maybe the best crossover of the year, Catwoman and Black Canary battle for the fate of birds and cats everywhere. 

Catwoman / Tweety & Sylvester 1 
Written by Gail Simone and Shea Fontana 
Pencils by Inaki Miranda and Walter Carzon 
Inks by Inaki Miranda and Horacio Ottolini 
Colors by Taylor Esposito, Sylvana Brys and Eva de la Cruz 

I’ve been enjoying these team-ups between DC Comics and Looney Toons characters, and I think the main story in this issue may be my favorite one yet. 

There is not nearly enough Gail Simone in DC Comics these days, and when I read stories like this one here, that makes me sad, because everything she writes is a lot of fun. And when she gets to reunite with some of the Birds of Prey, it all fits like a comfortable slipper. 

At the heart of Simone’s lead story is a debate among the Fates – Maid, Mother and Crone – over birds and cats. To settle things, they ship Tweety Bird and Sylvester the cat to their respective avatars in Gotham City, Black Canary and Catwoman. If Sylvester can manage to eat Tweety before sunrise, all birds and everything and everyone that has anything to do with birds will be wiped from existence. If Tweety survives, the same happens to cats. 

What begins as a battle between Dinah Lance and Selina Kyle to help their new sidekicks turns into an all-out war between bird- and cat-based heroes and villains. And because Simone is writing the story, is chock full of Looney Toons humor, with pitch-perfect writing for Sylvester and Tweety. 

This was easily my favorite of the DC-Loony Tunes mash-ups. I’m honestly upset they didn’t just turn this into a miniseries.