A jittery, intense piece of music.

Moses Sumney is one of the most exciting new artists out there today. With a deft touch, he combines Radiohead-style electronica, straightforward indie rock, soul and R&B into something wholly unique and his own. “Rank & File,” his first track since last year’s stunning debut, Aromanticism, continues his hit streak with powerful rhythm and a strong social message.

The song was inspired by Sumney attending a protest for the first time, feeling more like an observer than a participant. This song builds into an anthem to protest police brutality, sampling a Ferguson rally. The music is all finger snaps and gospel howls, with a humming synth giving the whole track a sense of unease. But as with most of his work, Sumney’s voice is the centerpiece, ascending into a passionate falsetto cry.

“Rank & File” is off Sumney’s upcoming EP, Black in Deep Red, 2014, out on Aug. 10.