Thea and Roy are headed out of Star City to start their lives together, but first, they have to deal with the remnants of the League of Assassins!

Previously, on ARROW

Roy Harper’s return to ARROW moves away from the main season arc to write Thea Queen off the show. So for her final (for now) episode, we get the return of the League of Assassins. The secretive group was supposed to have been disbanded, but Thea’s father, Malcolm Merlyn, had back-up plans that he hoped to follow through on with his daughter before he died at the end of last season.

So while the League is no more, the Thanatos Guild stands in its place. In order to enact Malcolm’s plans – which involve the discovery of three new Lazarus Pits – the Guild needs Malcolm’s heir. So they come to Star City to kidnap Thea, but they’re countered by Nyssa al Ghul, the daughter of Ra’s al Ghul, who wants to put an end to the League. She saves Thea from the Guild’s initial assault and joins up with Team Arrow to get Malcolm’s hidden map.

As Felicity works to unlock the map from its cypher, Nyssa – the first woman Oliver married – takes the opportunity to needle Felicity a bit about the awkward situation. The banter between Nyssa and Felicity should have been a great moment, but all of their interactions felt a little forced and it all fell flat somehow. All of their scenes were a little disappointing.

Of course, Team Arrow opens the cypher and defeats the Guild, and Thea and Roy decide to join Nyssa in her quest to destroy the remnants of Malcolms final plans. Normally, when characters leave the show on a mission like this, you would think they could revisit them or maybe even spin the situation off to its own show or miniseries. I’m honestly just glad to see them go. Between Arrow and Gotham, I’m ready to be done with the League of Assassins and everything having to do with Ra’s al Ghul. He’s been one of the most overexposed characters since the release of BATMAN BEGINS.

This week’s episode doesn’t completely abandon the overall arc of the season, though it’s left up to The Terrifics to pick up the slack there. As Dinah and Curtis try to figure out who on the police force is on Dragon’s payroll, Dinah finds some evidence pointing to Police Captain Kimberly Hill, though getting that confirmation takes up most of the episode. Hill is, apparently, hiding evidence about the resurgence of the drug Vertigo in Star City. It seems like all of ARROW‘s greatest hits are coming back. We’ll have to wait and see how Dinah plans to deal with that.

Oh, and Curtis asks one of Dinah’s fellow police officers out on a date after he feels confident in the assertion that he’s not on the take. Which means he’s probably on the take.

We’re winding down on the sixth season, so we should start to run headlong into whatever final confrontations are coming. But first, we need to settle some tension between Oliver and Diggle in next week’s episode.