The heroes of Star City continue to clash as the fate of the city hangs in the balance.

Previously, on ARROW

There was a small part of me that still hoped that, after a few weeks off, the offshoot team of Mr. Terrific, Black Cannary and Wild Dog would be less annoying. Sure, I figured, they weren’t likely to just turn on a dime and suddenly be friends with Oliver, Felicity and Diggle again. But maybe, after the death of Cayden James at the end of the previous episode, the tensions between the two teams might cool off. It was a silly hope.

As a measure of progress, though, I no longer want Oliver to put an arrow through Wild Dog’s head. Now I wish he would do it to all three members of his offshoot team. And since we still don’t have an official name for them yet, I’ll be calling them THE TERRIFICS this week (Seriously, that was a great book. Check it out sometime).

With Cayden James dead at the hands of Ricardo Diaz – The Dragon – last week, some unexpected consequences popped up, like the loss of the $70 million in Star City funds James extorted from the Mayor has gone missing from the Corto Maltese account where it had been stored. When Oliver and Company discover that the culprit is James’ associate Black Siren – the Earth 2 Laurel Lance – they set out to find her and get the money back. It’s an exhaustive search that turns up nothing… until Thea follows Quentin Lance out to a cabin and finds Quentin nursing his doppel-daughter back to health, after being shot by Black Canary.

When Team Arrow clashed with the Terrifics earlier in the episode – looking for Black Siren – Wild Dog put a tracer on Oliver, so they follow Team Arrow out to the cabin and fight over what to do with Laurel. Team Arrow wants to spirit her out of the country to hide her from Canary as a trade to get the money back. Laurel, on the other hand, wants to kill her. The philosophical differences lead to a massive fight that that leaves Diggle’s implant not working, Felicity shot in the arm, Quentin knocked out by staff shots to the head from Dinah and Wild Dog near death.

Laurel, of course, gets away after Mr. Terrific convinces Dinah not to kill her. We end the episode with Laurel conning some poor sap for some help, while we learn that the District Attorney is on The Dragon’s payroll and they’re going to turn the screws on the Oliver Queen case. And the City still hasn’t recovered the money given to James. Things never get easier.

They certainly haven’t eased the tensions between Team Arrow and The Terrifics, as Curtis and Dinah kick Diggle and Felicity out of the hospital when they come in to check on Rene. I’ve said it before, I’m not sure what the showrunners are hoping for with The Terrifics, but the team really makes me want to scream with their hypocrisy and not taking any responsibility for their part in the situation. And I kind of hope Wild Dog doesn’t make it. I doubt I’ll be that lucky.

Next episode, Colton Haynes returns as Oliver’s protege Roy Harper. And Thea puts the old Speedy suit back on. Here’s the trailer: