Subway Shorts – The Flash 40

Barry Allen is forced to kneel before Grodd as the villain searches for control over the Speed Force in the latest issue of The Flash.

The Flash 40
Written by Joshua Williamson
Art by Carmine Di Giandomenico

Gorilla Grodd, sickly from some gorilla disease, has teamed up with Black Hole – the terrorist group that has been messing with the Flash since the start of Rebirth – to get the one thing he sees as a cure to his problems: the Speed Force. While Barry Allen has been able to fight Grodd and Black Hole back individually, when the two combine forces, it seems they’re too much for the speedster to handle.

Grodd manages to get the better of The Flash and uses Black Hole to steal the Speed Force from Barry Allen, leaving him normal. It didn’t cure Grodd’s illness, so now he’s on the hunt for the other speedsters in Central City, including Kid Flash, The Flash from the new Justice League of China and the recently-returned Wally West (no, not Kid Flash, the other one. The one who used to be Kid Flash… Jesus, this continues to be confusing…).

Now without his powers, Barry bequeaths the role of The Flash of Central City to the older Wally, after establishing Wally to have moved into new digs in Keystone City in the recent FLASH ANNUAL. Given the tension between Wally and Barry in the annual, this new development should build to the upcoming FLASH WAR. Regardless, having more Wally around is a good thing, and the next couple of issues should shake things up for the Flash and his family.