Song of the Week: Jonny Greenwood – “House of Woodcock”

It’s another Radiohead-related soundtrack song!

Yes, while Philip Selway got his time in the spotlight a couple months ago, now it’s Jonny Greenwood’s turn. The multi-instrumentalist reunites again with director Paul Thomas Anderson for his latest film, Phantom Thread. Greenwood has written the scores for every Anderson film since There Will Be Blood in 2007. Like the best composers, he delivers on the sounds that line up excellently with his director’s vision.

While the music for There Will Be Blood matched the chaotic, ruthless exploits of the early 1900s oil boom, “House of Woodcock” brings the romantic elegance of 1950s fashion and glamour to life. It’s all warm piano flutters and sweeping, buoyant strings. It’s a song for daydreaming, for beautiful days with a loved one, for royal galas of the highest order. If that’s not enough to pique your interest, the soundtrack is up for a Golden Globe, Greenwood’s first nomination.

Phantom Thread, which features Daniel Day Lewis’ last acting performance before he retires, is out on Christmas Day. The soundtrack will be released on Jan. 12.