When Radiohead’s not on the road or in the studio, drummer Philip Selway cultivates his own solo career. His music is soothing, but haunting, like the wisps of tragic ghosts.

Nowhere was this clearer than on his last record, Weatherhouse. Now, he’s taken on the soundtrack for Let Me Go, a film about a woman reuniting with her mother, who abandoned their family during World War II.
While Selway has an excellent singing voice, he wisely hands the reins over to Lou Rhodes (from electronic UK group Lamb) for this gentle, acoustic ballad. Rhodes sings fervidly over a mix of guitar plucking, melancholy strings and percussion snaps. “Will you walk besides me now?,” she asks, letting the question hang in the air, unsure of what response she wants to receive.
Let Me Go, the soundtrack, is out now. The movie hit theaters in the U.K. this weekend, but no word yet on a U.S. distribution.